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​Yes! There is a good benefit of using the used vehicles and that is, these used vehicles do not need as much repair as the new vehicles do. Moreover, the worth and value get reduced besides having the same quality.

​A dealer that sells used cars often has got the vehicles inspected before putting them on the sale. The dealer is bound by the customer reviews and commitments.

Third-party seller is not a genuine or you can say the authentic seller. There is no way to check these sellers’ reputation or integrity before making the transaction. In addition, they might be selling you a vehicle that has many invisible problems that you won’t be able to detect unless and until you used that product. ​

Yes! Every vehicle that stands in the Tyro motors goes through a rigorous 124 points certifications process.

Tyro auto trust warranty products are as follows:

  • Tyro Performance
  • Tyro Powertrain plus
  • Tyro Powertrain
  • Tyro Active

Our checker checks the following documentation for your car is in place:

  • RC booking
  • Insurance policy
  • Service manual
  • Detail of loan
  • Identity proof
  • Dealer invoice

You can get warranty on your car if it passes the certification tests performed by our expert checkers.

​ TAT stands for “Tyro Auto Trust .” The main difference is that our cars are the certified used cars. All TAT vehicles can be used ones but not all used cars are TAT. There are many used cars dealers who subject a used vehicle to a rigorous maintenance and inspection checklist before putting them on the sale with a factory-backed stamp of approval and warranty. However, they’re often more expensive than typical used cars.

When we acquire a used vehicle, either through trade-in or lease return, we make that vehicle go through a rigorous inspection program administered by the Tyro certification engineers. If the car meets the 124-points certification factors then only it is offered for sale as a Certified vehicle. In order to get a tag of a potential certified vehicles, the vehicles must be in an excellent condition, be mechanically and cosmetically sound and have low mileage.